Family First

smrStudio is the Rowe family. Their shared love of video games encouraged them to learn more about the process of video game development. In early 2019, they decided that the best way to learn is by doing and set out to make their first video game. Many ideas were discussed but they settled upon a simplistic matching game as their first project, which would allow them to go through the game development cycle from start to finish.

The Rowes are always busy with full-time jobs and full-time school which means smrStudio is a part-time venture for all involved. Learning as they go, they are all very dedicated to seeing this project to its completion and have a grand vision for their second game once they have finished their initial release.

smrStudio hopes to share their admiration of video games with others who love this form of artistic entertainment.

Who is smrStudio?

stephenStephen Rowe
Stephen is smrStudio's lead programmer. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science. He has held industry jobs as a QA team lead and most currently as a software engineer and project manager. He also dabbles in music creation as he is the only smrStudio partner with any musical talent. Stephen has a lot of experience playing video games, and currently holds the record for highest Xbox gamerscore and completed games in the world, known to others as smrnov.

monicaMonica Rowe
Monica is smrStudio's lead designer and writer. She graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science. She has held various industry jobs from writing technical documents, website design and most currently to database development. Monica loves weekly family movie night and writing content for Sara's art, working on a few graphic novel ideas. Monica occasionally enjoys playing co-op Xbox games with Stephen and likes to read walkthroughs for single player games while Stephen handles the controls.

saraSara Rowe
Sara is smrStudio's lead artist. She attends H.B. Beal Secondary School's BeatArt program, currently in the full day Foundations Art program. She will be attending college starting in September 2020 for video game design. She received her first Surface Pro in 2012 and started using the Surface Pen immediately and hasn't stopped drawing digitally since. Her online portfolio can be found here. Her other hobby involves owning and breeding lizards. She currently owns several different breeds of lizards, and enjoys spending time with all of them, especially her bearded dragon Frank.